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How to make more money working less hours in language training

Background I, Richard Osborne, am a self-confessed geek. I love technology, automation and anything with flashy lights. I’ve always been fascinated by the world of apps – handy made-for-purpose tools on your phone that solve some particular problem or inconvenience you have in your life. One of my own favourite examples is a French public […]

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Is Face-to-Face Language Teaching Doomed?

I was recently asked to write a guest blog post for ELTjam about the factors that can lead to the success or failure of an eLearning project. Since language trainers today are being pushed more and more towards replacing face-to-face lessons with cheaper digital alternatives, as well as having created my own digital language learning […]

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What’s wrong with your language eLearning solution?

With eLearning becoming an unavoidable element in any training project hoping to reduce its costs, many in the language training industry have turned to eLearning, particularly digital Learning Management Systems, as a quick-fix for looming financial problems. After numerous attempts by both small and large players in the market to establish effective eLearning solutions for […]


During Joss’ visit, his relaxed persona immediately put the sales team at ease and allowed him to quickly ascertain a number of factors that, if addressed, could significantly increase our sales conversion rate. Four months on, I am slowly but surely implementing his recommendations and noticing marked improvements. Thank you Joss!


Thanks to Joss, I have completely redesigned the way I market my services, and that has allowed me to more than double my asking price. This in turn has allowed me to reduce my contact hours so that I can dedicate part of my time to marketing and product development. Thanks to Joss, I now have the tools and techniques to continue building my freelance business.


The idea of selling language courses can sometimes be very daunting for teachers and (Linguaid’s course) will put everything in perspective and show you step-by-step how to make the most of your current resources to attract more prospects. Highly recommended!