Our Consultants

Joss Frimond

Founder of Linguaid in 2006, Joss has 15 years experience in the sales development of language training schools. His in-depth knowledge of the market allows him to carry out strategy, coaching and sales training to management, administrative and sales teams within language schools and corporate training departments all around Europe. He is also a Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation Certified Facilitator.


Andrew Wickham

Andrew Wickham is a true pioneer of language training. Firstly as a sales English trainer, then as a director of studies, and then as a founder and managing director of Nexus Languages and Communication, which as a school specialising in language training for specific sectors of activity and educational engineering. He then designed and managed an important blended learning project for the directors of Renault, before dedicating his time to our market study and specific missions as a consultant. He holds debates, workshops, training courses and strategy sessions for different players on the market, as well as in universities around France. Recently, he has been involved in piloting a language training plan for over 1200 learners in a major CAC 40 company in France.


Ian King

Ian has worked for over 15 years as a trainer and manager in the corporate language training industry. While working for Westmill SA, he held management positions in account management (eg, pharmaceuticals, banking, automotive), pedagogical development and was a member of the management committee. He was involved in various projects involving learners and colleagues from France, Germany, Spain and the UK. He enjoys leading pioneering projects, developing innovative courses and approaches and building partnerships with clients. He has never done a TEFL qualification and believes in using coaching-based and experiential learning methods. Ian is an HEC-certified coach (CESA Coaching II).


Jason Levine

Jason has eighteen years of experience as an English teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer. As an English Specialist with the U.S. Department of State, Jason has led teacher training programs in seventeen countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. He now conducts webinars and workshops for English teachers at schools worldwide. He works at Linguaid as a teacher trainer and digital learning expert. He also runs a successful Youtube channel and online English speaking practice program.


David Derrier

Operating in language training for over 10 years, David was sales manager for a leading language school in Switzerland for 5 years. David speaks several languages and has also worked in the UK and in Spain. As well as working with schools to help improve their sales, he excels in sales administration, CRM development and Information Systems so that your school can be more efficient and productive.