Welcome to Linguaid

Dear language training professional,

In the month of March 2000, I was an unemployed ex-student in Paris, struggling with my confidence in a foreign city, and relying on my (then) girlfriend’s support to get by. A member of her extended family ran a language school, and as I knew that training was a domain in human resources, and I wanted a job, I called up Claude and asked him if he could look at my CV to help improve it. He kindly obliged, and the day after our meeting, he called me up and asked me if I’d like to work at his school instead of looking elsewhere. I was delighted.

So started my journey in language training. I stayed at AAA Presentations (the school) for 6 years, getting to know everything I could about the business. Not one member of the permanent staff, like me, grew up wanting to work in a language school. Very few of the trainers either. The school was quite isolated too, and there was very little collaboration with other schools. I think that the mariage of having no real qualifications and working in a suspicious market made me think that rather than leave and start my own school, I wanted to start a consultancy to help schools.

So in May 2006, on my mother’s living room floor, I started Linguaid. In 2007 I met Andrew, and from there we’ve grown as people, as professionals, as colleagues and of course as friends to build a firm that we believe has lots to offer all language schools around the world.

I think that the best place to start, to get to know us, is at our blog, where we regularly publish articles designed to help the sales and marketing of your school. You can also sign up for our newsletter that will send the articles to your inbox as well as free eBooks, partnerships, training and products to enable you to professionalise your school as much as possible.

Of coures, we offer a range of paid services too, and we’re pleased that so far all of our clients are happy with our work. We aim to inform, coach, train, and consult with language training professionals like you that are looking for that extra bit of help to drive your school or activity forward.

Remember, everything is difficult before it gets easy.

Kind regards

Joss Frimond,
Director and founder of Linguaid